Date: July 3, 2022 Time: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm Price: £45 per pot

Join us for our first Raku day at the studio!

Each pot has been made out of special clay to withstand this fierce firing method and is ready for you to decorate with the unique raku glazes.

Once decorated 4 pots at a time will be loaded into the raku kiln and the firing starts! This is an extremely quick way of firing pots at between 30-40 minutes to reach 1000’C ! Firing is done outside so while you sit back and wait for your pot to fire there will be some tea and cake to enjoy.

After the short wait the kiln is opened and your pot is taken..glowing hot!.. and placed in the combustible material which reacts with the glazes to produce amazing effects! No two are the same and you never can predict what you will get, its so exciting!

A short and smoky wait is all you need before your pot is then quenched in water and ready for you to clean, inspect and admire! Start to finish in around 1hr!

Pots can be taken home on the day, no waiting needed and you can make your own pot or one between the family.

*PLEASE NOTE* Families are welcome to participate together but we are working with EXTREMELY HOT equipment so younger children need to be strictly supervised and I would ask that no toddlers attend unless secured in a buggy.

We aim to have 4 firings 10.30, 11.15, 12 & 12.45 so there will be 4 places available per booking which will start half an hour before the scheduled firing time to enable the glazing to be done.

We do need to optimize each firing and although we will try and keep to your desired booked time it may be necessary to give you an alternative time so we do not have multiple part-filled kilns .

**Update: 10am firing now full, booking for 11.15 firing**