Tiny hands and feet… Or Paws


At Little Mouse Pottery we love getting you the perfect prints.

Prints can be singular, multiple,  framed or non-framed the choice is yours but one thing is for sure those tiny hand and feet are so cute so why not capture them forever! I have been doing prints since having my own children over 20 years ago and still find this part of what I do the most rewarding.

Prints can be captured in clay and the colour of your choice delicately added to show every wrinkle and detail. They can be framed in one of our bespoke hand made or just with ribbon to hang as they are. Single prints or the framed ‘one hand & one foot’ print are the most popular .

Clay prints aren’t just restricted to humans as well… friendly furry family members are also welcome to have a print in clay.

Prints in glaze only can be done on the pottery of your choice and can be left as a print or made even cuter by turning them into an animal, superhero or if its Christmas…a reindeer or penguin!

All prints are required to be pre-booked to ensure 1:1 attention  .

For more information please give me a call on 0115 9375950 or email

2022 Prices : Single hand , foot or paw print in clay from £28 – £41*.

Double print with and hand and foot in open frame£74 – £87 * Box frames £30 extra

Single or double prints available framed, unframed and as round, rectangle, square or heart shapes.

Animal or seasonal prints an additional £10 per print

Select from a good range of colours and bespoke made frames.

(*prices increase with size & age and shape required)

Please get in contact for further information.

Bespoke framing of prints
Double bespoke frame
Print & Picture bespoke frame